Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All of us humans are pretty much the same

I was talking to one of my design buddies the other day. He was really glad to hear that I had some of the same issues/flaws/humaness (is that a word? and is it spelled correctly?) that he had.

We both sit in our tiny design spaces and work without much interaction with other art-type people. Sometimes wishing we could yell across to the next cubicle and discover how to do a computer trick that's baffled us for the last hour. Or we long to throw a rubber cement ball over the wall and hit the other person right on the nose. Rubber cement, for you young artists, was what we used to apply to our typeset copy and photos to secure them to our art board keylines. What's a keyline...?

Then we discussed the 2:00 sleepies. Yes, sometimes I have to lay my head down and take a 10 minute power nap. On really rough occasions, I lay down on my hardwood floor, knowing that in 5-10 minutes my phone will ring or e-mail will beep waking me from my slumber. Then its back to work, totally refreshed!

I can't really remember all the other items we discussed. But I know not remembering was one of them.

Talk to you later.